EPA and OSHA to Share Lead Enforcement

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  • EPA and OSHA to Share Lead Enforcement

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) who created, oversees and enforces the Lead Based Paint RRP Rules and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration are now working together to target contractors and other violators.

They are working together to “improve and optimize the combined efforts of the parties to achieve protection of workers, the public, and/or the environment at facilities subject to EPA and/or OSHA jurisdiction”.

This can be through information sharing, notification, training, consultation, legal support and coordination of enforcement efforts. They announced they will be focusing on enforcing

  • OSHA’s Lead in Construction standard
  • EPA’s Lead-Based Paint Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule (RRP)

The most disturbing part of this news is their announcement that “EPA and OSHA may conduct joint inspections as appropriate to carry out the purposes of their respective statutory authorities. Such inspections may be coordinated in advance but may also be scheduled on an ad-hoc basis.”

This means that if you are not following the EPA RRP rules and OSHA’s worker protection rules you will find you are an easy mark for this coordinated enforcement effort. Make sure you are following both sets of rules. If you are not currently Certified or not following both sets of rules you can learn more about getting educated and find your nearest class at www.LeadClasses.com