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Gave me the information I needed to be confident in the work I do. – Christian Lowe – Littleton, CO

Great class. Helped to have an instructor with real world experience. – Chris Prelitz – Laguna Beach, CA

The course completely surpassed my expectations and was very informative. Steve made the class enjoyable and I didn’t fall asleep; a testament to his teaching ability! – Brennon Todt  -Cape Girardeau, MO

Instructor gave great advice on how to work with customers and how to calm their concerns. – Doug Baker -Kenmore, WA

Gave me some great ideas on how to run my business! – Shane Wallack – Vancouver, WA

I could tell Steve had a great deal of experience and knew what he was talking about which really helped. – David Matthews –Kingston Springs, TN

Excellent and knowledgeable presenter. – Shirley Gutierrez -Monterey Park, CA

Steve presented knowledge I can take back to work with me and use.  – Kevin Springer –Nashville, TN

Very engaging class thanks to the real world experience showed by Steve. – Alex Carlson –Portland, OR

The additional advice on how to deal with customers was a great bonus. I feel like I got more than I paid for which is a good feeling. – Jason Ray – Camas, WA

Great course as taught by our instructor. I would love to take future classes by him. – Javier Lozano – Lancaster, TX

Very good info. Was not over whelming and took fear out of procedures! Very nice to have “contractor’s” perspective as opposed to “Community Organizer’s”. – Anonymous – Portland, OR

Very well done. I have ADD and he somehow kept me focused! – Alex Nase – Tigard, OR

I was dreading the class but in the end it was entertaining and I learned more than I expected. – Anthony Crocamo –Portland, OR

Great instructor, a lot of on site teachings. All around good experience. – Zakary Fike –Lynnwood, WA

Steve does a great job! Not boring at all! – Sean Steinebach –Vancouver, WA

I like how he applied the information to real world situations. – Kyle Campbell – Portland, OR

Made a pretty boring subject into something fun!  – Jane Hall –Portland, OR

Answered all questions clearly. – Angela Peak – Portland, OR

Great instructor and very helpful! – John Farley –Largo, FL

Very helpful. I would take more classes from this instructor. – Gary LaVine – The Dalles, OR

Steve made it entertaining. It even kept me awake which I was not expecting. – Mandi Hansen –Lakewood, WA

Exceptional presentation and very professional. – Larry Palmer – Seattle, WA

Steve made a boring subject entertaining. – Adrianna Whisnant – Lakewood, WA

His grasp on the ‘in the field’ knowledge was a big plus. – Jim Starks – St. Clair, MO

Great presentation: Clear, helpful, interesting. Helpful and friendly – with presenting and answering questions during breaks. – Dan Darst – St. Louis, MO

The course was very helpful and Steve kept the classroom attention. – Robbie Perdue – Canton, GA

Steve’s teaching methods really made the class interesting and enjoyable. – Nathan Smith –Canton, GA

The enthusiasm on a boring subject was quite enjoyable. – John Pyonteck –Monroe Township, PA

Steve was very professional and kept the all day class going. – Jo Lucas, Langhorne, PA

Steven is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic. – Anonymous –Ontario, CA

Extremely educational, interactive, and actually fun. – John Krolik –Irvin, CA

Tough concept but presented professionally and clearly. – Shawn White – Milwaukie, OR

Steve made a mundane subject interesting. – Matthew Bueno – Renton, WA

I was blown away. The class was so interesting! – Shawn Green – Seattle, WA

Big thanks to Steve! He made a “required class” feel more like an “elective”! Very fun and interesting. – Brodie Heck –Centralia, WA

Well prepared and he knew what he was doing. – Barry Benth – Sheridan, WY

Great class thanks to a fantastic instructor!! – Jarrod Garrett – Centennial, CO

I’m lucky to have gotten Steve as my instructor! Fun and enthusiastic! – Chris Roger – Arvada, CO

He seems to know a lot about what he is talking about. – Anonymous – Denver, CO

Very eye opening experience. – Dennis Elmore –San Jacinto, CA

Steve explained everything in great detail which was much appreciated. – Jerry Guerra -Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Great teacher and speaker. I give Steve an A+! – Brendan Sherwood – Nashville, TN

Steve kept the class going. No down time. – Tim Gordon –San Carlos, CA

Wonderful class. Steve is very interesting and knows his material! – Victor Wilson –Pacifica, CA

The class was very clear, concise, and energetic. – Michael Cortner –Fremont, CA

Steven’s knowledge base is vast and beneficial. He’s very good at what he does and is a very good teacher. – Tracey Greenwell – Fremont, CA

Great class, kept every thing moving forward and related to individual’s well. – Geoff Bauer – West Linn, OR

One of the best classes I’ve ever taken. Learned about lead and sales- a bonus! – Darlene Forhart – Seattle, WA

Information and enthusiasm kept me interested and awake the entire time! – Christina Roberts –Olympia, WA

Steve was very knowledgeable and gave great insight into the industry and I feel prepared to move on. – Derek Sitzmann – Kirkland, WA

Mr. Hoff was well organized and made with real world comments and experience. – Mike Pallari –Palo Alto, CA

Absolutely inspiring!!! – Frank Pecavar – El Sobrante, CA

I was very happy with Steve; he did a very good job! – Christina Canham – Portland, OR

Steve’s business savvy was a plus! – Kevin Sloan – Renton, WA

It was nice having someone with in the field experience to tell us how to implement the rules. – Michael Stabnow – Puyallup, WA

Mr. Hoff’s class was much more enjoyable than most classes of this type. – Martin Ehrlich – La Crescenta, CA

Excellent teacher with a great sense of humor! – William Knight – Denver, CO

Thanks for a good class. It was educational and very helpful. – David Couenhoven – St. Paul, MN

Thank you for an excellent presentation. Yours was very straight to the point and very informative. – Mike Neubauer – Minneapolis, MN

Thank you for all the useful info provided during the class. – Francisco Garcia – Denver, CO

I would take this class again if I had to! – Cesar Godinez – Los Angeles, CA

Excellent Experience. – Hayk Khudabakhshyan – Tujunga, CA

I thoroughly enjoyed this class, it was very interesting and I am looking forward to attending future classes. – Jerome Huellen – Norcross, GA

Really enjoyed the class, he was very up to date and it was a fun class. – Mitchell Taylor –Monroeville, AL

Steve’s personal experience is much appreciated. – William Quelle – Wolffoota, TX

Top notch instructor with great experience! – Paul Willi – Plano, TX

This course was great and informative! I’ve been to several courses and this one was by far the best! – Brandon Yonker – Terrell, TX

The instructor made it as engaging as the topic of lead can be; really liked the hands on demonstrations. – Scott Creith – Corona, CA

Excellent class and instructor! I really enjoyed the class and learned a lot! – Yukiko Imamura –Beverly Hills, CA

Steve made a great presentation. – Aaron Kleinman –Los Angeles, CA

Instructor was very informative with a great presentation. – Douglas Beck – Phoenix, AZ

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"Great class. Helped to have an instructor with real world experience."

Chris Prelitz – Laguna Beach, CA

"Gave me the information I needed to be confident in the work I do."

Christian Lowe – Littleton, CO

"Steve presented knowledge I can take back to work with me and use."

Kevin Springer –Nashville, TN