EPA Forms & Downloads

The EPA and State RRP Lead Paint Rules require that notifications must be provided prior to beginning work in pre-1978 buildings.

Lead testing, containment, work practices, clean-up procedures and worker training must also be documented.

The following forms, brochures and documents are available to be downloaded for free.

Pre-Renovation Notices

Pre-Renovation Education – Give to customers, residents, homeowners and other affected parties prior to beginning any job that may disturb lead paint in Pre-1978 structures.

​EPA Renovate Right
Booklet – Color


​EPA Renovate Right
Booklet – B/W


​Receipt for Renovate Right

Keep Signed Receipt for 3 Years


Renovation Notice Sign

Post in Common Areas & Child Occupied Facilities Only


Lead Testing & Job Documentation

​Lead Test Form

Record Test Results - Keep for 3 Years


Lead Warning Sign

​Post at Entrance to Lead Work Area


​Post Renovation Checklist & Report

Required Post Job Report - Keep for 3 Years


EPA RRP Lead Paint Non-Certified Worker Training Documents

Steps to Lead Safe RRP

​Steps to Lead Safe Renovation for Training Non-Certified Employees & Temp Workers


​Proof of Worker Training

​Use to Document Non-Certified Worker Training


​Lead Certified Firm Applications

​EPA Certified Firm Application

​EPA States Only

​Oregon CCB Certified Firm Application (LBPR)

Contractors Only

​Oregon OHA Certified Firm Application

​Non-Contractors Only

​Washington State Certified Firm Application

​Washington State Individual Registration Application

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