EPA & State RRP Lead Paint Certification Training

EPA Forms & Downloads

The EPA and State RRP Lead Paint Rules require that specific forms be used for notifying residents, home owners and other interested parties and  documenting testing procedures, test kit verification, worker training and other aspects of lead-safe work practices.

The following booklets, brochures and documents are available to be downloaded at no charge.

Pre-Renovation Notices

EPA Renovate Right Booklet – Color – Pre-Renovation Education – Must be given to residents, home owners and other affected parties prior to any renovations.

Renovate Right Booklet – Black & White (Recommended for Use)

Receipt for Renovate Right – Keep for 3 years after client signs

Notification Sign – Use for common areas and child occupied facilities

Lead Testing & Job Documentation

Lead Test Kit Form – Give to client & keep for 3 years

Caution Sign – Post at entrance to work area

Renovation Recordkeeping Checklist & Report – Give to client & keep for 3 years

EPA RRP Lead Paint Non-Certified Worker Training Documents

Steps to Lead Safe Renovation Repair & Painting – Use this guide to lead-safe work practices to train Non-Certified Workers and Employees.

Proof of Non-Certified Worker Training – Have each worker sign & initial after receiving training and keep for 3 years.

Lead Certified Firm Applications

EPA RRP Certified Firm Application – Apply Online Only

Oregon CCB Certified Firm Application (LBPR) – Licensed Contractors Only

Oregon OHA Certified Firm Application – Non-Contractors Only

Washington State Certified Firm Application

Washington State Individual Registration Application