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How to Be Prepared for an EPA Lead Inspection or Site Audit

Now that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has announced their intent to step up enforcement of the Renovation, Repair & Painting (RRP) rules for 2012, how best can you be prepared for an inspection?

Most inspections are currently focusing on record keeping and most violations seem to center around failure to provide notification to home-owners and occupants via the Renovate Right pamphlet and failure to obtain Company Certification, as required by the 2010 rule. Renovation firms, remodelers and property management companies have reported that inspectors have asked to see Certified Firm Certificates, Certified Renovator Certificates, Renovate Right Receipts, lead testing documentation, work practice documentation and worker training documentation. Some general contractors report being asked to provide proof that any sub-contractors who disturb paint or other surface coatings are Certified Firms as well.

Copies of the following documents must be kept and made available as requested:

  • Certified Firm Certificate
  • Certified Renovator Certificate
  • Proof that all workers were trained by a Certified Renovator
  • Receipt or proof that the Renovate Right pamphlet was delivered to the home owner or resident no more than 60 days or less than 7 days prior to beginning the job
  • Test Kit Documentation including EPA recognized test kits.
  • Work Practices Verification such as the Record Keeping Checklist & Report

You will receive all of these forms and the training to properly use them in our classes. If you or someone you know have not completed your Lead Certification Training, now is the time. Click Here for Class Schedules or read our Students’ Reviews.