EPA & State RRP Lead Paint Certification Training

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Do You Do ANY Work That Disturbs Paint in Homes Built Before 1978? 

Get Lead Certified Quickly and Easily. Choose Your Closest Class. 

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Who Must Get Certified?

All General Contractors, Sub-Contractors, Rental Property Owners / Managers and Maintenance Workers performing common practices including sanding, scraping, demolition and cutting must be trained and certified. Both our 8 hour EPA Lead Certification Class and the 4 Hour Refresher Class will teach you how to comply with the EPA RRP rule and the HUD Lead Safe Housing Rule, how integrate safe and effective work practices into your renovations and Certify you in one day.

Build a More Profitable Business

How do you Choose a Lead Instructor? Many EPA Lead Instructors have either a non-profit background or are ex-government employees who have no real world, "boots-on-the-ground" experience.

All Crosswall Training instructors are successful contractors, who have built and managed successful, multimillion $$ companies. Our expertise is not only legal compliance, but also using these new rules to make your business more profitable. No other training organization builds the marketing and management expertise into the Lead Certification Class to help you grow your contracting business.

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How Do You Get Certified?

The Certified Lead Renovator class is a 1 day training program meeting all EPA, HUD and State requirements for non-certified contractors, property owners /managers and maintenance personnel who are involved in any activity that has the potential to disturb lead based paint. To Register simply find your closest city, select an available date and we will see you soon.

The Refresher Certification Class is a 1/2 day Certification for current Certified Renovators whose Certificates have not expired. If your Certificate has expired you must take the initial class again.

Find Your Closest Class

Where? Simply select your closest city and find your next EPA / State Lead Certification Class. Class locations: