EPA & State RRP Lead Paint Certification Training

Class Info & Schedules

The Initial Certified Lead Renovator class is a one day (8 hour) training program meeting both EPA and State requirements for contractors, property owners or managers and maintenance personnel who are involved in any activity that has the potential to disturb lead based paint. The standard cost of the Initial class is $249 with discounts for early enrollment or multiple attendees. At the end of the class you will receive your EPA Lead Based Paint Certified Renovator Certificate.

The Refresher Lead Certified Renovator class is for individuals who are currently certified and have a copy of their current certificate or card (the one with your picture). The refresher class is a 4 hour class that will bring you up to speed on the most current updates and most importantly, what’s working now in lead-safe renovation. Once again, you will be Certified at the end of the class.

All LeadClasses.com Instructors bring a wealth of real world, boots-on-the-ground experience to your class. This expertise will give you a huge advantage as you implement the required Lead Safe Work Practices in your day to day operations. In addition, we will give you the forms you need to dramatically simplify your record keeping and documentation, while meeting all of the EPA requirements.

The following topics will be covered:

  1. Lead Paint Hazards
  2. EPA Regulations, Violations and Fines
  3. Before Beginning Work
  4. Dust Containment During the Job
  5. Lead Safe Work Practices
  6. Clean-Up & Inspection of Job Site
  7. Record Keeping
  8. Training Non-Certified Workers
  9. Review Quiz

After successful completion of the entire course you will receive your EPA Lead Safe Certified Renovator RRP Certificate.

All of our Certified Lead Renovator RRP classes are held under the EnviroEd EPA & State accreditation.

Please click on your closest city to see the schedule and class availability. If a city close to you is not listed or if you would like more information on scheduling personalized training for your company please Contact Us with your name, city and state and we will respond asap.

All classes are final when you are registered & payment is made. If you cannot attend a class, given at least two weeks notice, we will work with you to reschedule you to a future class date pending availability and payment of a rescheduling fee, however all registration fees are final and non-refundable.